BLOG: First things first...

First things first...


This is my first foray into blogging. I'll focus on production, recording, mixing and other various music-related topics. 

Currently it's 2:05 AM, on a late Saturday/early Sunday.

I intend to be as honest as possible with you on the blog. Will I use the blog to vent? Probably not.
I plan on writing personal things here. I want to share my experiences in the industry with you, ups and downs, highs and lows.

Changing things around...

After having a few conversations with people that have far more experience than me, such as Skunk Anansie's Ace (check him out here), I decided to rebrand and revamp my whole online media presence. This means new website URL, new Instagram and Facebook names; I've also reworked my Twitter profile. 

To be honest, the reason why I've done this is because running things as a separate business didn't work. People wouldn't understand why I'd market myself under a business, my name wasn't connected to the business and so on. 

I decided to build a 'business presence' in order to impress potential clients. That backfired. I barely got any views on the website, no work came via the was a complete waste of digital space and money. 

Lessons learned

The lesson I learned is this: marketing myself instead of hiding behind a business identity is the way to go.

I'll end this first blog post here.

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Have a good one.
- Tiki

Did you ever invest time and money in something you had high hopes for, only to see that it was all for naught?
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