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backing up

Backing up

Sæll vinur,

Are you backing up?  

I remember a time when I just moved from Windows to OS X and I wasn't used to how things run in the new environment. I had backups of all the projects on an external hard drive and that was my whole backup strategy.

I forgot the steps I took back then, but I know I wanted to restore some project from the external backup to my main drive and I accepted when OSX asked me if I want to replace the files. My habit of clicking 'yes' when Windows prompted me to decide whether I want to merge the folders and their contents or not, this habit lead me to successfully deleting all the songs I was writing at the moment, all of them. 

After spending some time sulking that I lost my songs, I moved on, because hey...things happen.

Online backup services

Soon after, when I started working on other people's projects, I started backing up on 2 different external hard drives, but that still wasn't enough.
I eventually started using CrashPlan for online backups, but their download speed was terrible. A few years later, I moved to BackBlaze and I still use them. Both their download and upload speeds are good.

The lesson is this:
1. backup to an external hard drive,
2. backup current projects to your Time Machine, if you're using a Mac
3. use an online backup service, such as BackBlaze

This way you have multiple backups, in case something goes wrong. Yes, even online backups can go bad.

Story #1

Once upon a time, there was this super awesome music producer called Patch. He was asked to record a few songs for the incredibly talented Nicola Brown so he called upon some of his most trusted engineer friends - Kevan and Tiki. Together they recorded a beautiful sounding drum kit - one of the best sounds ever captured by anyone, ever. Patch - being the lovely, caring person he is - decided to collect the session files the following day as it was late and everyone wanted to go home. Alas, on his return he found no trace of the Pro Tools project recorded the previously evening. Gone were the 6 hours worth of audio. Gone was the best drum sound ever. Gone was some nice sounding acoustic and electric guitars. Gone was Patch's happiness. Close to tears, he booked the studio for the following week and re -tracked the whole EP. It sounded much better, but was still a huge ball ache. So remember kids - always back up your sessions, no matter what. - Patch Boshell (2015)


Have a good one.
- Tiki

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