BLOG: DAW makers are listening


DAW makers are listening


I just realized I DO have a platform to express my thoughts, without necessarily having to teach you something.  
This post is a happy one. 

If you've been following the audio news lately, and use Pro Tools and Logic Pro X, then you might have noticed something radical: the companies started actually listening to their customers/fans. 

In Pro Tools' case, Avid became notorious for largely ignoring the feedback they get. This thankfully led to a lash out, with many people threatening to ditch the "industry standard" DAW in favor of...mostly Studio One 3.

Eventually, Avid must've realized they're bound to be losing money, so they decided to release a bunch of updates over the course of a few months. One of these updates brought with it TRACK FREEZE. That's mind-blowing: the company that makes the self-described "industry standard" DAW decided to include a feature that all other DAWs had had for years, one that users asked for ever since other companies introduced the concept.

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More on Apple's Logic Pro X updates

Apple released an update to Logic Pro X, which featured a few new features (yes, I repeated "feature"), such as exporting any tracks, without having to do either all or one at a time; and a key command that allows one to hide all empty tracks. They've also redesigned the GUI of some stock plugins. Most importantly though, they've optimized the CPU usage. Double yay

Other companies, such as Presonus, have taken customer feedback into the account right from the get-go. Just ask Joe Gilder (follow him on Twitter, funny and insightful guy) about it. He used version 1 of Studio One, and he didn't like it. After many users shared their experience using S1 with Presonus, they made the changes. 
Then Joe made suggestions for v3, and those came true. I bet he felt all fuzzy on the inside, as he should. I'm sure many S1 users are thanking the devs for how awesome it is, and the devs, in turn, thank users, such as Joe, for sending suggestions.

TL;DR : Avid and Apple are finally listening to their customers, and they're tailoring their DAWs to said customers' needs. 

Have you noticed this trend in software makers as well, them catering to the clients' needs more?

Have a good one.
- Tiki