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Shortly after I started as a student at ACM Guildford, I decided to make the most of it. Most software/hardware makers cater to the academic demographic, offering discounts for both students and tutors. 

I soon realized that many companies do this. Some advertise it, while others, such as Slate Digital, Rob Papen and Harrison Consoles don't mention it anywhere on their website. 

In the limelight

Synchro Arts, besides making great software (check out Revoice Pro 3), have a different way of selling their products. Sure, you can buy them up front, or you can rent them. The fourth time around, you tick a box and it becomes yours. You own it. Yes, you end up paying a bit more, but it's more affordable in the short run and you're giving more to the company, who certainly deserve it. 
They offer a discount for when you want to rent it also, which makes things even better. 

Honorable mentions

There are a few other companies listed there, such as:

Everybody loves discounts, so I compiled a list of some of the companies that provide them which are also relevant to us. 

Note: Clicking on the company name will take you to its website; clicking on the product names will take you to a Music Radar review of them.
If you click on the discount percentage, you'll be taken to the page/e-mail address where you need to apply for the rebate.

Discounts list

UPDATED on February 17 2016: Jack Flower informed me that Slate Digital reduced their discount rate to 50% off on software, from their amazing $49 on all software. It's still a great discount, though. 
UPDATED on January 23 2016. Joel Heaton told me about Rob Papen doing educational discounts.
UPDATED on October 25 2015. Kevan Gallagher contributed a fair number of these to the list. 

Company Discount Products
Sugar Bytes 30% Effectrix
Overloud 50% Mark Studio 2 (bass amp sim)
Antares unknown AutoTune 8
8Dio unknown Basstard, Adagio Violins
Adobe 65% Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver
Audio Assault 40% Grind Machine, Bass Grinder, Multi Transient
Avid 60% Pro Tools
Bombich 25% Carbon Copy Cloner
Cytomic unknown The Drop, The Glue
DMG Audio 50% EQuilibrium
Exponential Audio 50% Reverb, Phoenix Verb
FabFilter 50% Pro-Q2, Pro-C2, Pro-L, Pro-MB, Saturn
Focusrite 10% Saffire Pro 26, Scarlett 18i8
Goalscape 50% Goal Planning Software
Harrison Consoles 50% on software MixBus 3
Heavyocity 20% Damage, Gravity
iZotope 50% Ozone, RX, Iris 2
Kush Audio 50% on software Clariphonic DSP mkII, Electra DSP, UBK-1, Pusher
Melda Productions 50% MDrumLeveler, MDrummerMTransient
Metric Halo 25% on hardware, 50% on software ULN-8, Channel Strip
Novation 10% Launchpad Pro, AudioHub 2x4
Ohm Force 50% Ohm Studio
Photosounder 15% SplineEQ, SpiralCM
Plugin Alliance unknown Maag EQ 4, bx_refinement
PreSonus 50%; ask on distributor's website Studio One 3, Audiobox iTwo Studio Recording Kit
Pro Writing Aid 20% Pro Writing Aid
PSP Audioware 50% MasterQ2
Rob Papen unknown RP-EQ
Slate Digital 50% off on software Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Buss Compressors, Virtual Channel Collection, Trigger 2
Softube unknown Heartbeat, Summit Audio TLA-100A, Tube-Tech PE 1C, Transient Shaper
Sonalksis 50% Mastering Suite
Sonarworks 50% Reference 3
Sonnox 50% Restore
Sontronics Microphones 40% Saturn, Delta, Aria
SoundIron 20% Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection
Sound Radix 40% Drum Leveler, Pi, SurferEQ, Auto-Align
Soundtoys bundle Devil-Loc Deluxe, PhaseMistress, Decapitator, PanMan, Echoboy
Squarespace 50% Squarespace
Synchro Arts 50% VocAlign, Revoice Pro 3
UVI 30% Darklight IIx, Urban Suite, Sparkverb
WaveArts 50% Tube Saturator 2, Master Restoration Suite
Waves 35% Waves NLS, Waves Scheps
XLN Audio 30% Addictive Drums 2, Addictive Keys

I'll update the list as I find more discounts, so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter lower on the page to be notified when I do so.

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- Tiki

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