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Rates: $50 per song for independent artists $80 per song for record labels Related mixes at $20 each (radio edits, instrumental versions etc.) Terms and conditions: 1. Work will be completed within the number of working days agreed upon by both of us. 2. I schedule mastering projects just like I do for recording dates, so a 50% non refundable deposit is required to book the dates on my calendar. The remaining balance is due before the delivery of the final product. 3. I offer a maximum of 3 revisions on any project. Any further revisions are subject to a surcharge of $20 each 4. You agree to credit me wherever your songs are released and if the platform supports it. (YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc). Copy-paste the following when providing the credits: Mastered by Tiki Horea
Please read this blog post to make sure you properly prepare your tracks for mastering. This one provides you with everything you need to know about audio formats and delivery mediums.
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What is the project deadline?
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Additional helpful information to consider forwarding to me: Fade Outs - Songs that may need a fade out within the final sequence. Edits - It’s very easy for me to cut/edit count-offs (etc) from you mixes. Please let me know. Potential singles - so I can provide you with a version that doesn’t overlap with any other audio. Instrumental mixes - Have your mix engineer provide you with instrumental versions of you mix for potential placement into film, TV or advertising spots. Best to get these now while your engineer has your session handy rather than four months from now when you may need an instrumental mix.
Here are links to two many Meta Tag editors: Get one and learn how to use it so you can add or alter the information that pertains to your songs. The great thing is that this info is searchable. As an example - if someone is looking for a song to add to a movie about air pollution, your song could be found if you add “song about air pollution” in the comments/description section of the metadata. It’s up to you what information you want to add.
1. Archive/compress all files for all songs, as well as a JPG of the front cover art. 2. Label the archive with the artist name and version number, like this: ‘ArtistName_01’ Important: If you're sending missing or replacement files for a project already in progress, please indicate a new version number in the file name (ArtistName_02, ArtistName_03 etc) 3. Detail what files you're uploading and whether you still need to submit more in the field below
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