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Before & After samples

These "Before and After" samples are the easiest way to hear the impact I've had on the song, whether it's production, co-writing, mixing or mastering

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Mixing and mastering

These are some full length tracks I've worked on.

My involvement with each song is  mentioned in the prefix to the title: 
dr - drummer
C - composer, (co-)writer
P - (co-)producer
R - recording engineer
Mi - mixing engineer
Ma - mastering engineer

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Audio editing

Send me an email about your project and I'll respond as fast as I can.

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"If I ran my own studio, Tiki would be my number one choice as an engineer/co-producer. Great fun – amazing stamina. Tiki has a fantastic work ethic and always wants the best possible result." Jamie West-Oram (The Fixx, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, David Bowie)
"Knowledgeable, reliable, and calm, Tiki is a joy to work with. Always my first choice as a producer with an incredible attention to detail and committed and efficient work ethic. A great chap!" Caitlin Mallin (singer, topline writer)
"From the moment I met Tiki, I could tell he is a professional. His warm and welcoming demeanour put me at ease instantly, and before long we were joking & working hard. He is equally capable at either adding creativity to the process or stepping back and letting you do your thing. You can tell by the end product that he spends a lot of time and attention to detail and his mixing skills are fabulous. I would highly recommend working with Tiki, an altogether productive and enjoyable experience every time" Charli Brix. (freelance singer, songwriter, topline writer)
"Tiki's strive for perfection makes him the ideal producer to work with. Having worked with him on a selection of projects varying in genre and size it has become evident that whatever the project, it will be completed to the highest standard. When faced with a challenge, Tiki embraces the opportunity and spends the necessary time to perfect his work. The studio atmosphere he creates is one of determination and hard work, while also bringing an underlying relaxed feeling - invaluable to any performer. I would highly recommend Tiki for all aspects of production - and having presented him with some adventurous projects I would definitely say his ambitions have no bounds. I can't wait to see what he does in future years." - Alice Williams (freelance musician, vocalist, composer & arranger) alicewilliamsmusic.co.uk
"I have had the pleasure of working with Tiki on a few different projects. He’s always on time and always is very professional. Tiki always delivers an excellent standard of work and he's constantly bringing creative and clever ideas to the table. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have Tiki work for/with them. I would definitely work with him again." Bertie Chattell (singer, songwriter, freelance guitarist)
"I have been working with Tiki for a series of poems we recorded together. I have always been very pleased with the final outcome of each recording session. Tiki is a passionate man when it comes to music making and has great insight on what to do next." Mircea Golban (poet)
"I worked with Tiki on an Educational Drum Book, and it was a great experience working with him. He was everything you want a producer to be, thorough, patient, and aware of the sound I wanted to achieve. I would definitely recommend Tiki, he is a pleasure to work with." Lisa Martin (drummer) lisamartin.co.uk
"I have used Tiki’s skill set on and off for a year now, for several different jobs and sessions. He maintains an enthusiastic and professional workflow, making the right decisions at the right time. He is patient in his collaborations with me, also making insightful contributions to the music due to his experience as a drummer. I continue to work with him on various projects because of his positive attitude. I would happily recommend him to any producer/songwriter or organisation." Ben Lowe (composer, singer, songwriter, visual artist)
I was born and raised in Romania. For the last 5 years, I have been constantly producing, recording and mixing many artists, including Callum Wright, Ziey Kizzy, Nicola Brown, Charli Brix, The Dabhands, Hyla, Josiah Ruff, Ben Lowe and Alice Williams.
I've worked for people such as Kipper Eldridge, where I've assisted on sessions with artists like Connie Talbot.
Songs I worked on were played on BBC Radio, in addition to various local stations from multiple countries.
Aside from dealing with music, I enjoy being involved with video editing and post-production. My roots come from being a drummer in bands playing various genres.
Aside from this, I'm a self-confessed audio geek and I have a thing for buffalo wings.